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Little Dogs Are Awesome…Disagree and I will break your face


Stupid thunderstorm…what? Today is clearly Sunday.

Warning: This here is a rant!

I’m starting to get annoyed with this ‘little dogs aren’t real dogs’ crap. I’m not even joking. It’s really making me angry.

I’ll admit it. When I first asked for a dog I had something big and manly like a Great Dane in mind. I’ve always wanted a dog that was bigger than me. Don’t ask me why.



Instead, I got a cute little fur ball named Jamie.



Now when you just got your cat taken away and have wanted a dog your entire life, unless you’re a total douchebag you’re not going to go, “Na uh, take it back!” And I didn’t. I love Jamie. He’s a great dog. He does most everything big dogs do, he knows when to be gentle and well-behaved, he’s good with kids. I’ll admit it, he has the attention span of a squirrel and can get hyper as all hell on occasion. It doesn’t matter. He’s still a real dog.

If you come up to me and call my dogs furry rats, or claim they aren’t real dogs or threaten to kick them, let’s make this clear. I will break your fucking face. That is a promise. They may not be able to protect me, but I can sure as hell protect them and anyone who tries to hurt them will hear from me. And yes, I have met people who have threatened to kick them or insulted them for no reason other than they are tiny and cute.

The reason for this rant is earlier, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to move into some make shift dorm she was making. Basically everyone renting a big house. I’m probably going to tell her no, for a few reasons, but one in particular stood out. She’s decided that she’s going to bring her cats and her dog. OK that’s fair, but if she gets to bring her pets, I want to bring mine. She tells me, “Screw Jamie, we’ll get a bigger dog!”


First off, I have two dogs. This is a rant for another day, but don’t talk to me like Rocky is already dead. He’s old, not a corpse. Moving on… Secondly, are you kidding me? Why would a bigger dog be so much better than Jamie? I LOVE her dog. She has this big half husky, half wolf monster that is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Honestly. I love all animals and I don’t understand how someone who claims to love dogs can turn around and get this urge to drop kick a shih-tzu. I especially don’t appreciate being told to get rid of the pet I love for a ‘bigger and better version’. It doesn’t work that way. All dog breeds have their pros and cons and what kind of dog you have strongly depends on your own lifestyle and preference. Whatever, it’s your business if a big dog is the right fit for you. But don’t you dare go around with this “Screw your little dog!” attitude I’ve been seeing lately. It’s not fair.

Big dogs can be just as obnoxious as little dogs. If you meet a little shit of a dog that deserves to be kicked (and I have met some), blame the owner. Don’t threaten some perfectly well-behaved dog just because you are a retard.

I don’t know. I’m just mad. And, I realize they are my dogs and all, but if you spent a little time with them you would completely fall in love. At least with Jamie that’s a definite. The guy is a charmer. EVERYONE loves him. I’ve never met anyone that actually spent more then five minutes with Jamie that didn’t fall completely head over heels for him. If I were a guy, I would use him to pick up girls and it would work. The only people that insult my dogs are the ones that go, “Ew little dog!” and refuse to go anywhere near them.


Puppies Are Super Cute (But mine are the best!)



May cause seizures uncontrollable cooing

I just realized that I will be spamming this blog with pictures of puppy goodness at random times, so I might as well do some kind of puppy introduction post. So here it is. Let’s keep the chatter to a minimum so we can properly appreciate my boys.  Keep in mind, I took these pictures from my phone, I am a terrible photographer and these guys need a bath desperately.With that said…I present to you, JAMIE AND ROCKY!


And my finger!

But hark, which is which I hear you ask! Well let’s do a quick puppy profile, so you can get to know these brats a bit better.


The Rocky

This handsome fellow is Rocky. He’s a Maltese (I think) and he is roughly 13 years old. That’s my guess anyway. None of us are really sure how old he is, although the guesses run anywhere between 12-15. He’s still an old fart though. He was raised by my step-dad years ago, before he and my mom met. Eventually Rocky was passed down to my step-sister and stayed there up until two years ago. They tried to sneak him, a pit bull and a cat into an apartment that didn’t allow pets. Needless to say they got caught and Rocky now has a hatred for his fellow four legged creatures. Since I was a young whippersnapper with no life, they entrusted him to me and now he is my baby.

Not to insult my step-sister, but they really didn’t take very good care of him. When he got here he was fat, lazy and kind of mean. He looked like he was ready to keel over and die. I put him on a strict diet and exercise regime, plus he and Jamie take their daily vitamins. I’m confident I gave him a few extra healthy years. He’s lost a lot of weight and seems to think he’s a puppy again. He loves to run around and play, and he will eat anytime, anywhere and anything. I’m not even exaggerating. Eating is his favorite past time, along with napping, begging and cuddling with me (he quite adores me).




An older picture, this is one of my favorites even though that stupid cord got in the way



The Jamie

This is Jamie! He’s a pure-bred Shih-tzu and I’ve been raising him since he was a baby, with love and care and all that.  I joke with my mom to take a good look, because he’s probably the closest she’s ever getting to a grandson. I believe he’s around five years old and my mom brought him home as a Thanksgiving present. She wasn’t supposed to. She was supposed to wait another two weeks before she picked him up, but according to her he was too cute to leave behind. I quite agree with this.

When he was a puppy he was very shy and quiet, but a few years with me turned him into a freak. At one point he went through this rebellious teen stage where he wanted nothing to do with me. If I so much as tried to pet him he’d growl and run away. He’s gotten over that now and it seems like all he wants to do is cuddle. I’ll be typing and out of nowhere I have a puppy throwing himself on my lap. His back story isn’t as dramatic as Rocky’s so I’ll stop talking about him now and just post pictures! There’s a lot more where these came from. You’ll be seeing them real soon.


This is what I woke up to this morning.


This one cracks me up. They weren't enjoying our photo shoot at ALL, then this breeze rolled in and they both went, "Ahhh"


They were getting mad, so I let them play while I took pictures


Rocky's favorite spot. It's an apple tree. Needless to say he was scavenging even though the apples haven't come in yet.