Zombies? Partay? Zombie Partay? OH BOY!


I’m writing this at…1 AM, Tuesday morning because I will not be here for most of the day. I am going to a party. Specifically a Zombie Party, if you couldn’t tell from the snazzy title up there.

My friend the Birthday Girl made a few unreasonable requests. She wants me to dress up and bring her a present. I say ha ha to both these requests. One, I just heard about this party a few days ago and I am a perfectionist. There is no way I can find a blow-y0ur-mind-amazing costume in such a short amount of time and it would take forever to make one. Also, I am broke. I have some money saved up, but that’s my money. I can’t even buy myself nice things with that money, so I’m definitely not giving it to her as much as I love her. Call me cheap, but I like to have a couple hundred dollars saved up for emergencies. But maybe that’s just me.

It’s not like she got me a present for my birthday.

My plan is to walk in, scream and start running. You see I’m just going to dress normally and be the Minority Zombie Victim. There has to be at least one. This probably means those freaks are going to bite me, but I think I can live with that. My present will be my wonderful presence, unless I can convince my big gay buddy to put my name on his present.

From my understanding we will be watching zombie movies…excuse me, Romero movies all day. It’s not that I don’t like Dawn of the Dead, but haven’t we all seen it a billion times? It plays on TV practically every other day. The baby zombie scene doesn’t even shock me anymore. To shake things up I suggested we watch Dead Alive, or Braindead as its known by some cool cats. It’s an amazing movie, very funny, lots of gore, what more could you want? It occurred to me a little while ago that they will probably hate it. This blows my mind really. How can anyone hate a movie that has a kung-fu zombie priest? I just…

There’s a scene where they’re in a graveyard and this priest appears out of nowhere and goes, “This calls for divine intervention!” He goes all kung-fu and makes a perfect scene even greater by going, “I kick ass for the Lord!”

I don’t really understand how someone who claims to love zombie films can hate that movie. Then again those freaks love the Saw movies so…can’t count much for taste I guess.

It’s a good thing I didn’t suggest we watch Zombie Honeymoon, My Boyfriend’s Back or Grace… well not suggesting Grace is a good idea. That movie freaks me out. Definitely a bad idea for a party. But the first two are zombie chick flicks. Zombie chick flicks! They’re amazing in awful, awful ways.

We’ll see how it goes. I think it’ll be fun to see everyone at the very least. As a zombie fangirl, I’ll see if I can enlighten them to the best/worst of zombie culture beyond Romero’s movies and Zombieland.

Zombieland 2 needs more zombies by the way. Way more.


About winterwashere

I'm an immature eighteen year old teenager, who loves video games, Asian pop culture and traveling the world (or dreaming about it anyway). On the side I make it my hobby to try to figure out this 'adult' business. Hard to say if it's going well or not...

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