Writer’s block is a lot like constipation…


Not that I was constipated or anything, but we have one tiny bathroom in my house of four to five people. Five hours and a busted bladder later, that title was born. It really has nothing to do with the following post at all, but it amused me.

I’ve been getting lectured a lot lately. I was patient at first, but now I want to punch anyone that tries it. The problem is, they’re giving me great advice but it’s all the same stuff!

I’ve been thinking about roommates. I don’t have any interviews lined up or apartments being held for me. I literally just went, “Getting a roommate someday might be an option when I move out.” It didn’t help that a friend of mine offered me a room to live in in this make-shift dorm she’s making, an offer I’ve turned down until further notice (I didn’t like some of the details, and a lot are left up in the air, so until more things are made clear I’m not even considering it).

And then everyone exploded.

“Roommates are dangerous! So many things can go wrong! You don’t understand! I’m two years older than you so I know so much better! What if you grow to hate them?”

It was kind of funny at first, but now if anyone starts I get this ‘STFU’ type reaction, which results in this huge fight. It started first with a friend of mine and it took all of my will power to not get really bitchy with her. I don’t mind getting advice, but when someone starts with the “I think I’d know better than you” it bugs me. It didn’t help that she’s lived at home all her life and has never had a roommate so…yeah I’m pretty sure I just stopped talking. Now the family is freaking out at me because they want me to live at home forever and be their little pet.

Here’s a tip people: Shut up. I get that you care, but it’s starting to grate on my nerves. I can understand, because I’m working on being an advice-giving menace. I can get aggressive and obnoxious about my advice giving. So I’ve given the benefit of the doubt. Enough is enough. I mentioned roommate ONCE, maybe three weeks ago. Find something new to lecture me about at the very least.

My stand on roommates is this: If you need a roommate, you get a roommate. I mean if it honestly can’t be helped and you can’t stand living at home anymore, what else can you do? Living in a dorm is ideal really, because you have a roommate and there’s less of a financial risk being taken.

Sure, you can end up hating your roommate with every fiber of your being. They might be financial dead weights, or maybe they keep you all night with their humping activities. The lists are endless. But all in all (and this is probably what made everyone so mad) I would rather take a risk and get a roommate then live at home for too long. I’m eighteen now. I don’t want to be here anymore. So getting a roommate is not a plan right now, but it’s an option and I WILL consider it whether anyone likes it or not. I don’t like having my intelligence insulted by people deciding I’m too stubborn to look at all the risk and details. Clearly, that means they don’t know me very well. I mean come on now. It takes me two hours to buy a $3 book because I end up sitting there going, “Is this REALLY worth it? I mean will it be worth my hard earned money?” I am the queen of over thinking. So family and friends, give advice, but please trust me a little bit? There’s no need to yell.


About winterwashere

I'm an immature eighteen year old teenager, who loves video games, Asian pop culture and traveling the world (or dreaming about it anyway). On the side I make it my hobby to try to figure out this 'adult' business. Hard to say if it's going well or not...

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