I Lost A Whole Game System


Warning: This here post is a rant!


Oh the glory days...

Years ago, my dad gave me his old playstation, or as we affectionately refer to it now, the PS1. I never had issues with it. I had a lot of games, and what games they were! Time Crisis, Crash Bandicoot…the glory days. I remember playing a lot of games respectable little girls should not be playing. Mortal Kombat is a nice example of this.


But does it matter anymore? NO! NO IT DOESN’T!

Just the other day I decided I wanted to play this game called Wild Arms. It’s a rather old role playing game set in the wild west for the PS1 and I’ve read so many rave reviews about how it has such a great story. I spent hours debating if I should get the remake, Wild Arms Alter Code F for the PS2. In the end I decided to start with the original game, only because the remake looks like a glitched up piece of shit with no voice acting. I can forgive an old 2D game for not having voice acting, but a PS2 game? I mean really? There’s no excuse for that. They also made a lot of odd changes from the original which doesn’t sit right with me. Don’t break what isn’t broken, and if no one complained about these things in the first game, why change it?

Anyway, during my research I discovered the original Wild Arms has a bit of a glitch too. Apparently if you don’t play it on a PS1, it sometimes freezes during boss battles or just because it feels like it. If I’m determined enough I can play it on the PS2, but I’d rather not deal with that grief.

“OK,” I told myself cheerfully. “I’ll just pull out my good ‘ol PS1!” I go to the box where I usually keep my old systems. My Nintendo 64 is still there, along with all the controllers for every game system I’ve ever owned but…where was my PS1?

How did I manage to lose a whole game system? I mean  how does that happen?

I can’t even describe how angry I am. It’s not about the PS1 being some rare model. I can easily get a new one for a cheap price. But I don’t want a new one. I want the one I’ve always had that just mysteriously went missing. I don’t know where it could be. I’ve been playing my PS2 exclusively since I got it, happy as a peach really. I have a few PS1 games now, but none of them have the issues Wild Arms supposedly has, so I never worried about it. It really is confusing. I remember seeing it once maybe…four years ago? That’s not a very helpful memory.

Despite all this nonsense, I still ordered Wild Arms (along with God of War)(yes I know I’m stupidly late to the game). I still really want to play it, but mostly I am stubborn as hell. I’ll probably do a post on it when I get it, because it looks like I’m going to love that game.


You glorious bastards. Why must you tempt me so?


About winterwashere

I'm an immature eighteen year old teenager, who loves video games, Asian pop culture and traveling the world (or dreaming about it anyway). On the side I make it my hobby to try to figure out this 'adult' business. Hard to say if it's going well or not...

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