Photoshop ATE MY SOUL (I made leather!)


When I first made this blog, there was a bit of drama regarding themes. I’ll be honest, I hate using a premade theme. I hated that I had to spend money for the upgrades to make my own theme even more. But WordPress is like some kind of drug. Even though I tried switching to Blogger (which arguably has easier customizing options) I had to come back here just because…I don’t even know. I just like it better. So I’ve made a mini-pact with myself to learn how to make graphics. I started trying to learn CSS, but it seems much easier to just make the graphics, then have someone else code it for me, hehe.

I downloaded Photoshop 7 a few days ago with the help of my friend Emily, who is a graphics genius. She makes gorgeous skins for forums like Invisionfree. I love looking at them. If you want to see some of her stuff, I’ll put the link at the end of this post. Just credit her if you decide to use any of her skins. She and I will both rage if you decide to be a nasty ‘ol thief.

I know I could ask her to whip up a nice header and background for me, but she seems busy and I hate asking seriously. So for now I’m sticking with Bueno and I’ve been practicing. I want to be able to make a nice header for this board, just to get my feet wet with this whole skinning business. Maybe in a few months when PS7 doesn’t completely confuse me, I’ll try my hand at designing my own site. Take a gander at some of the stuff I’ve been making. Warning: You may explode from the awesome.


Sexiest. Leather. Ever!


I call her Trina. She's on fire.

I know, I know. Pretty amazing right? …yeah I know, not really. But I’m learning! I’ve been following some tutorials on this website that I’ll link to down below. It’s really hard, especially when I have these moments of, “WOW, what am I doing?” It has helped a lot though.

I’m so proud of how Trina came out. It’s actually really easy to get the fire effect that I did. The only issue I had is that PS7 is a piece of crap. It’s so OLD. That’s mostly what makes following tutorials so challenging. I had to find different ways of doing things that were usually harder and more time consuming. Meanwhile with their fancy new versions they just click and bam! They had the fire perfectly shaped.  I might splurge on one of the more hi-tech versions in the future, but right now I’m fine with this. I am still learning after all. Anyway you’ll see. I’ll have a gorgeous header for this blog when I…you know, figure out how to work photoshop. It might be a while…

Some Sexy Links

Click for the best Lint Skins in all the land!

Learn how to make a Leather texture here!

Learn how to set chicks on fire!


About winterwashere

I'm an immature eighteen year old teenager, who loves video games, Asian pop culture and traveling the world (or dreaming about it anyway). On the side I make it my hobby to try to figure out this 'adult' business. Hard to say if it's going well or not...

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    • Oh, you’re welcome! The leather is a bit time consuming if you don’t have the latest versions of photoshop (or if you’re just a complete beginner like me), but it is very easy to make and it’s fairly easy to change the color and texture of it once you get the hang of it. I’m glad I could help a bit.

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