The In’s and Out’s of THE RANT: The Three Rules


Question: What is a rant?

Answer: Something you’ll be seeing quite often, believe you me.

I know this seems like a rather redundant post, but in all honesty some people are very confused. They just don’t know what a rant is! But don’t worry. I’m here to explain the three rules that make up a rant. By the time you’re done reading this, you will know.

  • Rants Are Not Always Angry

It’s true. Some rants might be downright pleasant, or nauseatingly happy on some occasions. Rage doesn’t always lead to a rant, though it is the most common emotion you will experience when reading one. Rage and self pity…

  • A Rant Is A Stream Of Babbling Words

This is something that throws most self-respecting readers off guard. They read a rant and say, “Now hold the phone. She was just talking about her laundry and now she’s talking about sky diving? This is not quality writing!” And in fact it is not! A rant is created by a confused person, usually overwhelmed by any of the emotions I listed above. As such, any general knowledge they had about writing flies out the window. Words just start pouring out only to spin out of control, not to be tamed by any mere mortal. They start off with one topic, but eventually that topic will teeter off and mutate. It can’t be helped I’m afraid.

  • A Rant Can Be About Anything

Literally, anything. The ranter might be experiencing a bout of depression because they’ve never seen a unicorn. Therein, a rant is born. Expect the unexpected.

Now you hopefully know what a real rant is all about. These are very simple rules, but it’s surprising how quickly people forget. So do not judge a person for blogging about unicorn sky-divers from Mars. Chances are, they are going through emotional turmoil, and a rant is necessary for their recovery. Misery loves company, so why not join in the fun and rant right along with them? After all, two crazy people are better than one.


About winterwashere

I'm an immature eighteen year old teenager, who loves video games, Asian pop culture and traveling the world (or dreaming about it anyway). On the side I make it my hobby to try to figure out this 'adult' business. Hard to say if it's going well or not...

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